Cherry Trestle Table


cherry trestle table

shaker cherry trestle table

This table is a slight variation of my trestle table that is pictured above. It is 10 inches shorter as requested by the customer. The color is still very pink as it is brand new. If will darken quite a bit as you can see in the picture at the top of the page.

The breadboard end detail above shows how the breadboard end must be left proud of the table since the table will expand a bit in the summer and shrink again in the winter. Notice the rounded end and sides of the top. This adds a nice softness for the hand to slide over.

The foot detail above shows the rounded shape that all of the base parts have. These curves are hand planed and then scraped and sanded to a silky smooth finish.

Above shows the through-tenon of the trestle cross beam keyed with a cherry key. It is visually quite simple but also remarkably solid. It is easily as strong as a bolted joint.

Below, is my trestle table with a milk painted base. This base is also bolted like my beds rather than assembled using the wooden keys tenon.

timothy clark

Below is a video that shows how I shape the parts of my trestle tables.



An abundance of traditional joinery and elegant lines characterize this hearty table. The 1 1/4 inch thick top has breadboard ends that allow for seasonal movement of the wood. The trestle cross-beam has keyed tenons. All of the edge surfaces are hand-planed to a curve that is very inviting to the hand or the stockinged foot. This table is designed to seat six with place mats, or eight with a table cloth.

price- $3900.
Material- cherry
finish- either oil, Osmo Hard Wax Oil or varnish

size- 29" or 30" tall, 40" wide, 80" long


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