New Jeffersonian Windsor

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This piece was inspired by Thomas Jefferson who designed the first swivel Windsor chair and many other engineered pieces at his home, Monticello.

A great conversation piece, this arm chair with a moveable, lockable, table surface is a very useful accessory piece. The round table surface pivots toward and away from the sitter to allow for easy entry and exit. The use of the included silicone pad allows for secure use of a laptop computer. (or a plate or glass).

My goal for this design was to come up with a moveable table that was different from traditional "writing Windsors" or school desks. I chose the candle stand style round table surface to keep the look based in early America. The Shakers made the candle stand famous as well as their use of metal where it made sense. Form followed function and usually in a beautiful way. I hope that I have also achieved this goal.

Price- $2400.

Material- Cherry, ash, steel, silicone.

Includes the custom molded silicone pad.



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