Master Furniture Maker in Waltham, VT

Discover traditional and modern-designed Windsor chairs, Windsor rocking chairs, Windsor benches, and Shaker-inspired furniture designs handmade by Timothy Clark Cabinetmaker/Chairwright, a master furniture maker in Waltham, VT. His pieces are built for comfort, beauty, and to last for generations.

Original Designed Windsor Chairs and Shaker Inspired furniture by Timothy Clark

Add a handsome and sturdy trestle table and Windsor chairs to your dining room for elegant simplicity captured in hardwood. Or, how about appealing pieces of Shaker-inspired furniture, such as post beds and nightstands? And, don’t forget about the handsome dressers and settees. His skill and mastery are evident in every piece he crafts. Take a look at his Instagram to see current photos from the shop.

See some videos at the bottom of the page that show examples of the building process.

Traditional Bed Designs - Waltham, VT
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Elegance & Simplicity Mark His Work

Vermont furniture maker, Timothy Clark designs and builds beautiful Windsor chairs and Shaker-inspired furniture from native hardwoods. He has an eye for graceful elegance and simplicity that is very evident in his work. Attention to joinery, wood selection, details and ergonomics make for a satisfying finished piece of furniture. His work appeals to a great many customers from homeowners who love the beauty of wood furniture, as well as its sturdy nature, to commercial property owners, such as hotels, restaurants, and museums, which appreciate the appeal and versatility of these styles. Windsor and Shaker furniture never go out of style.

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Master Furniture Maker - Waltham, VT

Click to go to a blog entry about his work and career for the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers.

Learn the Craft from a Master

Clark can help you learn how to make these classic pieces of furniture for your own home. There is a huge amount of satisfaction that comes with the crafting process. This fall, he is offering two classes:

Shaker Bench- Learn to make Hand-Cut Dovetails

Build Your Own Double-Paddle Canoe

(click for more information)

Whether you purchase his furniture or learn the craft from his classes, Clark’s workmanship shines through in beautifully made wooden furniture that graces any home or business. Reach out to him for more on furniture-making.



Below is a video that shows how I shape parts for my Trestle Tables.


This video below is of hand planing a pencil post for one of my beds.

The video below shows how I chisel smooth the leg tenon that comes through the seat on all of my chairs and benches.




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